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Xecuter X3 XBOX Modchip BIOS User's Manual

Welcome to a fairly complete Xecuter X3 Modchip BIOS Guide. This guide instructs you on all major topics relating to the Xecuter X3 Modchip BIOS that can be used on the Microsoft XBOX. The sections are organized below. Please take a few moments to look at this page to familiarize yourself with the layout. Be prepaired to follow links to other sites, read, and come back if you need to. Near the top of each page navigation links will take you to the ">>" - next; "<<" - previous topics; or "Index" - this page.

You can render your XBOX useless by mistake, accident, or other problems. Use this documentation at your own risk. No one but you is responsible for your actions.

User's Guide v0.95
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User Interface & General Concepts >>
This guide assumes you already know what a modchip is and are hopefully a little familiar with the X3 chip. If these basics are not copacetic with you, then read the following information in these articles/sites first:
  • Basic ModChip Info: 1, 2, 3, ... more to come.
  • Xecuter 3 Modchip Offical Homepage
    This guide was written with Build 3029 of the Xecuter X3 BIOS. Please feel free to comment or correct anything by sending me an email. I will be updating the Skins reference section. For now, see the example x3skin.ini file in there.
    This guide was last heavily updated on March 03, 2005 at 1:15AM.
    User's Guide Primary Topics:
  • User Interface & General Concepts - Handy things to know ahead of time.
  • Screen Layout
    Common Dialogs
    Common Controller Buttons
    Tips, Tricks, & Other Stuff
  • Installation - Requirements, Instructions Links, and Downloading Information
  • Main X3 BIOS Screen - Booted Screen
  • X3 Config Live
    Boot Options, "Large" Hard Drive Mode, Colors/Logo Customization, and more...
    BIOS Tools
    Flash your Main or Backup BIOS, & Boot or Name a Specific BIOS Bank
    Disk Tools
    Unlock, Lock, Format, and Prepare/Setup New Harddrives
    EEPROM Tools
    Backup or Restore your EEPROM XBOX Specific Programmed Settings
    Network, Video, LCD, Fan Speed, Date/Time, and Password
    Hardware Info
    X3 ModChip, XBOX Versions, Harddrive, Partition, DVD-ROM, XBOX Live, and Encryption Keys Information
    Reference Section:
  • Installation Troubleshooting - Many Resources Available
  • Skins - Download, Install, and/or Make your own skins for the X3 BIOS. (Incomplete).
  • Scripting - Advanced Topic
  • Auto Installers (Introducing)
    Command Reference
    %, #, copy, delete, download, echo, eject, eeprom_backup, flashbios, format, goto, hdd_lock, hdd_unlock, if v1.6, if !v1.6, if exist, launch, mbr, network, preparedrive, runscript, sleep, unzip
  • Resources - Want to know how to do something? Need some information? There is more links here to awesome resources thank you can shake a XBOX at.
  • Glossary - Terms, terms, and more terms. Great for Newbies.
  • Credits - Given where it is due.
  • User Interface & General Concepts >>

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