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Xecuter X3 XBOX Modchip BIOS User's Manual

X3 BIOS Resources

This section provides links to a ton of useful online resources. If you have a problem, want to know how to do something, or need any information chances are that someone else has written about it. If you want to know "something" and you can't find "something" by reading through these sites. You let me know. If I have time, I will look for the information and add it here. If I cannot find it I may just figure it out and write about it if I can.

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XBOX Saves
XBOX Media Center

Ok, so a lot of the information here may not be directly related to the X3 BIOS, however if you have a modchip you may want to know what you can do with it. There are tons of guides and information available this way.
#XBINS: This is an IRC channel on the EFNET servers. This is the primary place to find the latest version of the X3 BIOS (There are other places, but this one is 'always' up, 99% of the time at least.) and find other very useful software applications that can run on the XBOX. Backup *your* games to the harddrive and run them faster. In order to access XBINS you will need to read about connecting to IRC and accessing a FTP server. These may sound hard, but they really aren't that bad. Once you do it a few times, it should be a piece of cake. For more information about accessing XBINS visit: Keep in mind where they suggest using FlashFXP for FTP you can use any freeware FTP client just as easily. All FTP programs are similiar in needing a "FTP Server Address", username, and password.
In addition to having access to tons of files they have put together tons of links and oraganized them across the following topics:
Burning Tutorials - Burning Files to a Disc the XBOX can read.;
Dashboard Tutorials - The dashboard is the first program that launches when your modded XBOX boots up. This is similiar to an Operating System;
Developer Tutorials - For those that are interested in creating applications for the XBOX;
Exploits Tutorials - I doubt this is for you, just included for completeness. Very technical;
General Tutorials - General topics such as transfering files between your computer and XBOX, Beginner's Guides, and more;
Hardware Modification Tutorials - USB Ports, Hard Drives, DVD-ROM Upgrades, and tons more;
Modchip Tutorials - Self Explanitory;
Networking Tutorials - Basic networking tutorials and mapping drives across the network for file transfer ;
TSOP Tutorials - Advanced Topic. A good modchip like the X3 makes this almost obsolete;
Xbox Linux Tutorials - Run one of the most highly developed advanced operating system right on your XBOX. Literally turn your XBOX into a computer;
Xbox Live Tutorials - XBOX Live related issues including blocking, fixes, and more;
Xbox Software Tutorials - The name says it all. Lots of good stuff here;
xISO Tutorials - Installing, using, and more regarding various software apps;
XBOX-Scene: Some would argue that this site should go first in this list. I'd agree, except XBINS has access to all the files. XBOX-Scene has tons of guides, so check it out too. There will be some overlap in the coverage of both sites.
XBOX Saves: The name says it, you can download saved games for your XBOX. Peruse the site, OR if you have Avalaunch you can press start or the white button (I don't remember which) to bring up the menu for a selected game. In that menu you can download XBOX saved games if your XBOX is networked.
XBMC: XBOX Media Center is much more than a "media player". Download this file via XBINS or built-in Avalaunch download. This media player will not only play tons of audio and video formats, but it will also bring you access to weather, online network-tunneled game playing (means your xbox, and someone else's xbox across the internet can play via the "system link" interface instead of xbox live), and tons more. Go read the User's Manual available via their website and then find it on the XBINS FTP site. (You will find ftp information in the ftp site for a different site the xbmc project is located on. If that is too hard, then install Avalaunch and get it that way via the built-in updater.)
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