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Xecuter X3 XBOX Modchip BIOS User's Manual

X3 BIOS Scripting Interface

This section introduces the new X3 Scripting Interface. Team Xecuter has developed a command line scripting procedure that lets users create custom scripts to automate the installation of BIOS updates, applications, harddrives, and much more... Some of the things on this page are unconfirmed. This section is not meant as a guided tutorial but as more of an introduction.

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Introducing Autoinstallers and Scripts
Scripting Language Release Notes
Command List
Basic Script Example (Untested, just for illustration)

Introducing Autoinstallers and Scripts: Scripts are simply a series of commands that perform some function. E.g. copy file, run file, delete file. The only "smarts" they have are a few conditions like "if 'this' run something" or "if 'something is true' then go to this section of the script.

With a set of handy commands, a single text file can suddenly perform real work. With the introduction of the following command set, it is now possible to perform a complete "unattended" install of a new harddrive including installing all initial software. A series of commands will lock the new harddrive, create the drive letters/partitions, format them, copy files from a location, connect to a network, download files, and launch a specified program all (mostly) by itself. The rest of this page is devoted to introducing the scripting commands and a basic example.
Scripting Language Release Notes:
First let's look at the Xecuter Install Command System (XICS)*
XICS is the flagship feature of this bios release. It revolutionizes the way any Xbox is setup or upgraded and can be easily used by first time hobbyists right up to experienced installers. The system uses a simple scripting service which can be run from USB pen drive (FAT32 or FAT 16 supported!), Hard Drive, HTTP (both local and online), CD/DVD Media (standard iSO9660 supported!). Just imagine being able to run a script that automatically flashed your bios, format and partitioned your hard drives, installed your dashboard, setup all your apps, setup your network, lock your hard drive and reboot - completely automated and without having to lift a finger. Also think how easy it will be to share scripts with other users - no more setup problems or trawling through support forums looking for answers when all you will need is a script to do the job automatically for you. This is just the beginning, now we have the backbone of the system in place there are going to be far more additions in the near future. Take a look at the current list of commands along with a few examples - the possibilities are only limited to your imagination.
NOTE: Some pen drives may not work - we know those that are secure dont work at the moment (will have a switch on the side) if you have a drive that wont run a script just report its make / model etc and we will get right on it - we tested about 60 different types of drives and found only 3 not to work - so its not too bad at the moment. There are many plans to expand this feature anyway so stay tuned. In the meantime.............
Command List:
%Two of these are used as a goto label. The label itself is just a marker and doesn't get processed. This is used to skip to the appropriate section of a script. It is used in conjunction with the goto command.%wait%
sleep 1000
#Comments. Text after one of these does not get processed.sleep 1000  # sleeps for 1 second
copyCopies the specified file to the target hard drive location copy <filename> <target>copy X3_install.ini z:\
deleteDeletes a file, if it can be deleted. Path optional if the script is executing from the same directory. delete <filename>delete e:\X3_1959.bin

delete X3_1959.bin
downloadDownloads a file from the specified server to the specified path. tdownload <filename> <path>download z:\test.gif
echo Sends a specified text message to the screen echo <text> echo Everything installed.
ejectEjects the DVD/CDeject
eeprom_backupPlaces a copy of the XBOX EEPROM in slot 1 on the X3 eeprom_backup
flashbiosFlashes the specified bios (bios or backup) with the specified fileflashbios <bios/backup> <filename> flashbios backup flashbios_v303.bin

flashbios bios X3_1959.bin
formatFormats the specified drive, if possible.format <drive>format f:

goto skips to the specified gotolabel value in the script goto script2
hdd_lockLocks the XBOX / Hard Drive, if possible. hdd_lock
hdd_unlockUnlocks the XBOX / Hard Drive. hdd_unlock

if exist <filename> <command>
These if statements can execute commands if a v1.6 motherboard exists, if a v1.6 motherboard doesn't exist, or if a file exists. (Try "if !exist <command>" and let me know if that works.) if v1.6 <command>

if !v1.6 <command>
if v1.6 flashbios bios X3_1959_v16plus.bin

if !v1.6 eject

if exist <filename> <command>

if exist z:\temp.jpg goto script2
launchLaunches the specified .xbe filelaunch <filename> launch e:\default.xbe
mkdir (unconfirmed)Make a directorymkdir <directory>mkdir e:\apps
mbrCreates a new partition table and master boot recordmbr
networkConfigure network settings. This is required to use the network to download. If this is not specified, net-based commands will use the XBOX's default settings. (Hoping the network was already configured.) network = <static/dhcp>;
<ip adress>;<netmask>;
network = static;;;;
preparedriveDoes a complete format on a drive, for new drives, this is the one you want to run. You do not get a warning so BE CAREFUL ! preparedrive
runscriptRuns the specified X3CL script, if located, but it won't return to the original script.runscript <filename> runscript z:/script4.ini
sleepScript stops doing anything for the specified number of milliseconds.sleep <ms>sleep 1000
unzipCopies the specified zipfile to the XBOX hard drive and unpacks it to the target location.unzip <filename> <target dir>
(Does it automatically create the directories if they are needed?)
unzip c:\
Basic Script Example:
I would put together a small script like this to start out with for formatting brand new drives, downloading a dashboard from a local server, unzipping it, and booting the dashboard:

eeprom_backup  # might as well backup the eeprom while we are at it
preparedrive   # prepare a new harddrive
network = static;;;;  # netcfg
download c:\  #d/l Ava.
unzip c:\ c:\        # Unzip Avalaunch
delete c:\           # Delete the download
hdd_lock                          # Try to lock the XBOX / HDD

# Count Down
echo Done! Launching Avalaunch in 5...
wait 1000
echo 4...
wait 1000
echo 3...
wait 1000
echo 2...
wait 1000
echo 1...
wait 1000
echo 0...
wait 1000
echo -1... Just kidding. Launching Avalaunch Now.
launch c:\avalaunch.xbe     #launch avalaunch
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