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Xecuter X3 XBOX Modchip BIOS User's Manual

Main BIOS Screen

The Main X3 BIOS Screen loads when the XBOX boots up if the "Autostart X3 Config Live" feature is enabled, or by holding down the white button on the controller during boot up. This main screen is a gateway to all the awesome and cool features in the X3 BIOS.

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Main X3 Screen Contents:
Click Here to Explain the General Screen Layout
X3 Config Live: Click here to setup and customize your X3 BIOS to your needs.
BIOS Tools: Click here to access BIOS Tools that will make it easy to flash and control your BIOS.
Disk Tools: Click here to access the Disk Tools that make setting up a new harddrive smooth with built-in support.
EEPROM Tools: Click here to backup or restore your XBOX's most vital settings.
General XBOX Settings: Click here to work with the basic XBOX settings for Network, Video, etc..
Hardware Info: Click here if you need technical information about your XBOX's hardware and version information.
Reboot to Dash: Click here to boot up the default dashboard as it is set under "X3 Config Live". (A dashboard must be installed first. Avalaunch is recommended.)
Cold Reboot: Click here to perform a complete power cycle reset of the XBOX.
Power Off: Click here to shut down your XBOX.
Index << Modchip & BIOS Installation X3 Config Live >>

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