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Xecuter X3 XBOX Modchip BIOS User's Manual

X3 BIOS EEPROM Tools Screen

This section covers the EEPROM Tools Screen features. The X3 BIOS can save a backup copy of the current EEPROM to it's memory and restore it later if need be. The EEPROM is a very important special memory location in your XBOX that contains settings crucial for configuring and running your XBOX.

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EEPROM Backup Info
Restore XBOX EEPROM From X3

EEPROM Tools Screen:
EEPROM Backup Info: Click here to view the time and datestamp on the last EEPROM backup.
Save XBOX EEPROM to X3: Click here to save the current XBOX EEPROM to the X3 chip.
Restore XBOX EEPROM From X3: Click here to restore the last saved EEPROM from the X3 back to the XBOX. This can save your walnuts in a pinch if you saved a backup copy. This is a rare situation, but can be useful if you decide to dink with lots of things.
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