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Xecuter X3 XBOX Modchip BIOS User's Manual

X3 BIOS Disk Tools Screen

This section covers the Disk Tools screen functions and features. The X3 BIOS has built in functions that will let you install a new and bigger harddrive in the XBOX.

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Current Hard Drive Setup
New Hard Drive Upgrade
If you want to install your own hard drive it is almost as easy as taking out the old drive and putting the newer larger one in, except some hard drives aren't lockable. Here is a database for which hard drives tend to lock more often than others: XBOX Hard Drive Compatibility Chart (site was down as of writing this page). Be sure to select an ATA100 or ATA133 drive. SATA is incompatible.

Disk Tools Screen:
The following screen is used to configure your currently installed hard drive and setup/format a freshly installed hard drive.
Current Hard Drive Setup: Click this to update the current hard drive setup parameters. This is used to unlock/lock the harddrive, locking support status, and format the partitions.
Clear Cache Dirs/Drives: Click here to clear the cached game information and drives. Games and applications copy some information to the harddrive to increase performance.
Hard Drive Lock: Enable this to lock the harddrive put it into its normal "encrypted" state. This is good for connecting to booting with the original XBOX dashboard and XBOX Live.
Locking Support Status: Look here to see if your currently installed harddrvive can be "locked" and booted by the regular XBOX bios.
Format A Single Partition: Select "Format C:", "Format E:", etc. to wipe out everything on that drive/partition. Only do this if you are sure.
Format All Drives/Partitions: Click here to format all hard drives and partitions on those drives. This is a fast way to format all parts of a new drive.
Don't see a partition here you were expecting on a new drive? Make sure that you have have enabled the proper LBA 48 mode in the Customize X3 BIOS of the X3 Config Live Screen.

New Hard Drive Upgrade: Click this to upgrade your freshly installed hard drive, setting the LBA option, and prepare/format it.
Click Here To Set LBA48 Option: See the following screen.
Standard Partitions (Xbox Stock Drive): Select this to support factory 8GB harddrives.
F Drive Gets Everything - No G Drive: Select this to support drives under 160GB.
F Drive Upto 137Gb - G Drive gets the rest: Select this to support 160GB drives and larger.
Use Saved Partition Table: Enable this if you have the partition table information saved and can use it. I'm not sure about this feature. I leave it disabled and setup my partitions using the LBA48 Option defaults.
Prepare And Format New Drive: Click this option to have the X3 prepare the partitions and format them on your new hard drive. This formats all partitions at once.
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