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Xecuter X3 XBOX Modchip BIOS User's Manual

X3 BIOS Hardware Info Screen

This section covers the Hardware Info Screen features. The X3 BIOS can report a ton of information about your XBOX to you and/or save it to a file on E:\x3data.txt.

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X3 Info
Hard Drive Info
Partition Table Info
XBOX Live Settings
Encryption Keys
Create E:\x3data.txt With System Info

Hardware Information Screen:
X3 Info: This option provides information about your particular Xecuter X3 BIOS including BIOS Build# and X3 Kernel Version.
XBOX Info: This option provides information specific your XBOX hardware including XBOX Version, Video Encoder Model, XBOX Serial Number, Other Version Information, Memory, and possibly manufacturing location.
Hard Drive Info: This option basic information about your hard drive.
Partition Table Info: This option provides information about the size of each partition/drive letter on your harddrive.
DVD ROM Info This option provides basic hardware information about your DVD ROM drive including the Brand, Model, and Firmware version.
The brand in the screenshot is a Phillips drive. The Model is a J6 3235C, and the Firmware is unknown because there is a bug here in this version of the X3 BIOS. No biggie.
XBOX Live Settings: This option displays the XBOX Live settings as configured in the XBOX Live Dashboard.
Encryption Keys: This option displays the various encryption keys used to lock/unlock your XBOX.
Create E:\x3data.txt With System Info: This option takes all the information, from all of these screens, and saves it to the path mentioned. An example of the contents of the x3data.txt file is included below. The encryption keys and serials have been modified to protect the innocent. They are not valid.
Notice that there is a bug in this version of the bios where the hard drive capacity, DVD Firmware Version, and Made In are not displayed properly.
X3 Hardware Report

Hard Drive Model : ST3200822A
Hard Drive Serial :  8A3GH0X4
Hard Drive Capacity : 0.00 GBytes

Hard Drive Partition Table
[Par1 = E:] Blocks 5633024 - 15633071, 4.77 Gb
[Par2 = C:] Blocks 4609024 - 5633023, 0.49 Gb
[Par3 = X:] Blocks 1024 - 1537023, 0.73 Gb
[Par4 = Y:] Blocks 1537024 - 3073023, 0.73 Gb
[Par5 = Z:] Blocks 3073024 - 4609023, 0.73 Gb
[Par6 = F:] Blocks 15633072 - 268435454, 120.55 Gb
[Par7 = G:] Blocks 268435455 - 390721967, 58.31 Gb

DVD Model : PHILIPS J5 3235C
DVD Firmware Version :

NVCLK : 233 MHz
VCO frequenzy : 800 MHz
Memory clock speed : 200 MHz
SMC Version : P11
4 MB Hardware Version : DVT4/5
Xbox Version : XBOX V1.4
Video Encoder : Focus
Memory Installed : 64 MB
Made in (unknown) (2003)

Encryption Keys
Online Key          : 6663b3c5d3a9f553158182b35c35d58d
HDD Encrypted Key   : 23f38182b35c3b3c5d3a9f553155d781
Hard Drive Lock Key : bd3158182b33b3c5d3a9f5535c35d35ebd4283ab
LAN Key             : 0ea3a9f3b3c5d553158182b35c35ddd2
EEprom Key          : 1df3d3eb3c5d3a9f553158182b35c354

XBox Logo Color Codes
Inner Glow      : 5001FF
Inner Walls     : 460000
XBox Text Color : 5A0000
XLip            : 140100
XLip Highlights : 4B6B4B
Background      : 000000

Flubber Color Codes
Blob Color      : 000881
Blob Glow Color : 0002FF
Green Fog Color : 6982A9
Scene Color     : 353DBE
Fog Glow Start  : 00FF00
Fog Glow End    : 9FFF66
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