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Xecuter X3 XBOX Modchip BIOS User's Manual

Credit Where Credit's Due

This page is dedicated to everyone that deserves credit for the X3 BIOS. If I don't name you individually, I may not know you or know your contribution. Realize that everyone's contribution to this chip and BIOS is appreciated by anyone with half a brain-stem that realizes how rich, well-planned, and supported this chip and BIOS are. In other words: Don't get your panties in a twist. ;p

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It is important to step back for a moment and realize how much has been done by so many in such a short time. "Rockin' the XBOX since 2002" really shows a commitment to developing one of the best modchips out there with a rocking BIOS what must be record time or close to it. Team Xecuter did not do this alone. Everyone that uses this BIOS and Modchip had a part to play. Without further ado...
Team Xecuter: Without these hyper-driven crazy fools tackling the development we would be nowhere near as happy with everything we can do with a moderately priced modchip. Their site is a great resource for beginners to start with.
XBOX- Scene: Neck-and-Neck with Team Xecuter, the XBOX-Scene really is the most valuable resource of collected articles, news, and much more. If you cannot find a guide for what you want to do on the XBOX-Scene you probably are not looking hard enough or it doesn't exist, yet. (So check out this site from time to time. These folks are awesome.)
XBINS: XBINS is your one stop shop via IRC and FTP for getting the latest greatest killer-app for the modded XBOX. So many choices and so little time. These folks make it possible to keep track of most of the latest software development. Rockin'!
Forum Contributors: Hey you all. You rock too. You know who you are. Everyone who has respectfully discussed topics relating to this BIOS and Modchip have helped guide Team Xecuter. You've given input, feedback, troubleshooting, and much more to the XBOX crowd. I know I certainly appreciate having access to such a valuable communication tool with so many other helpful folks looking out for me and the other modders out there.
General Users: Even if all you have done is bought a modchip, installed it, and got it to work (first time or after troubleshooting) you have accomplished something and you have supported an awesome group of developers. You deserve credit too, just don't let it go to your head, okay? :?)
Contributors to this Guide: Everyone from every other category basically contributed to this guide. Without Team Xecuter, XBOX-Scene, Forum Contributors, and other users this guide would have no purpose or reason to exist. Without so many resources out there I could not have compiled this much useful information in one place. I just hope this guide helps people learn.
With a special thanks to everyone again, I'd like to also thank Esdius for taking some time to proof and provide corrections to places I missed in my revisions.
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